Presenting KorGE Forge, the new KorGE IDE

Presenting KorGE Forge, the new KorGE IDE

We are thrilled to announce our new project: KorGE Forge IDE

KorGE Forge is an IDE based on IntelliJ and the KorGE IntellIJ IDEA Plugin.

This new IDE features functionality from the KorGE Plugin and a new Resource Explorer. We are also working in providing an integrated editor and a live preview that will improve the workflow of developers and artists.

You can install it from:

The KorGE IntelliJ Plugin will continue to be published as before with a few constraints; please check the FAQ for details. An update of the plugin 6.0.0 for IDEA ≥ 2024.1 has also been submitted already and it is waiting for approval.

KorGE Forge will provide a stable version of the IDE that is known to work with the KorGE Plugin, KorGE 6.0, Gradle and the Gradle Android plugins.

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