KorGE 1st Game Jam - 12-June - 14-June

KorGE 1st Game Jam - 12-June - 14-June

Some updates about the KorGE organization:

After a few years in development and lots of fixes and improvements, KorGE is getting mature.

In April, Mikhail Reznichenko and Nicolai Emig joined the KorGE organization.

  • Mikhail Reznichenko, our member from Russia, has mostly worked on the technical part of KorGE and other korlibs and has given support at slack, he has done a remarkable work on the UI and other parts of the engine, helped with the intelliJ plugin and also created a 2048 clone as a sample of using KorGE.
  • Nicolai Emig, our member from Germany, created an educational wrapper around KorGE and he is teaching it to his students, he has helped at slack, promoting the engine, and additionally he has contributed to the core with ideas and code including Sprite Animations and some samples to the core, he has also helped with organization of the Game JAM.

In addition, Tamara Gadea, joined as a sporadic contributor helping us some graphical assets, including the ones for the JAM. Thanks Tamara!
Thanks to all the people who contributed to korlibs someway or another: from filling issues or making PRs, to asking or helping other people at slack. You are the best!
After the GameJAM, we will start the development of KorGE 2.0, that will remove deprecate stuff that didn’t work, and will target Kotlin 1.4 once released: that will bring fixes, quality of life new features, smaller size on JS and performance improvements to the engine.
We have recently bought the https://korge.org/ domain and moved most the korge.soywiz.com pages to this new home, and we also plan to move our main communication channel to the official Kotlin slack gradually ( slack.soywiz.com -> slack.kotlinlang.org).
By reducing the attachment to the soywiz nick, both actions aim to make the project more inclusive to the current and future members of the organization as well as reducing the fragmentation of our users from the rest of the Kotlin community.

Information about the Game JAM:


We have also gathered some money from our sponsors and we are spending it into two contests: a GameJAM and a Lottery. We are really grateful, and want to say thanks to all our backers that made this possible! And thanks to JetBrains for providing us with a 1 Year All Product Pack license for the winner!

KorGE GameJAM is a contest about making a small game in a weekend with 500€ in prizes + 1 Year JetBrains All Product Pack for the 1st place! You have to use Kotlin and KorGE and you can participate alone or in group. The topic of the JAM will be unveiled via twitter just when the contest starts so all the participants have the same time to create it. But of course, you can start familiarising with KorGE before and ask all the doubts or issues you found at our slack channel! After the end of the contests, the KorGE team will evaluate all the games and we will announce the winners and send them the prizes by the end of June.

There is a separate Lottery with 100€ in prizes for those who help us to spread the word even if they don’t participate the contest! We are giving away two 50€ worth Amazon Gift Cards. To participate the Lottery you have to do any of the actions provided: follow our twitter account, retweet the tweet and give a star to our project at GitHub. The more actions you perform, the more opportunities you will have to win the lottery.

(To avoid spam and duplicates only Twitter and GitHub accounts created before 1-May are elegible to win one of the Lottery prizes.)


soywiz Author of KorGE.
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