Presenting the new KorGE Mascots, Jitto, Gest & Koral, the new Logo & Merchandising!

It was about time!

Since its inception, KorGE logo has kept untouched, and it was screaming for a refresh. The new logo is also a programmatically vector mascot, called Jitto.


But Jitto is not appearing alone. Along Jitto, we are presenting the official KorGE siblings that are friends of they: Gest & Koral.



KORal & GEst:

Bold and intrepid, these siblings are ready for the adventures you will give to them with your own code!

Koral, Gest & Jitto are property of the author of KorGE Game Engine, soywiz. And allows the characters to be freely used in free and commercial games made with KorGE, as well as fanarts etc. Also, feel free to ask soywiz directly at discord if you want to use these characters in other scenarios which might be fine too.

Special mention to Melted Cupcake, that did the awesome Chibi 3D Models of Gest & Koral, you can find more of their work in their instagram page @melted_cupcake

In the coming days, weeks and months we will provide you with different assets of these characters in 2D and 3D formats. Stay tuned!

Additionally, starting from today, you can buy official KorGE, Gest, Koral & Jitto merchandising here:

soywiz Author of KorGE.
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