KorGE is looking for core and non-dev members! Next GameJAM will start on 15th July!

KorGE is looking for core and non-dev members! Next GameJAM will start on 15th July!


It has been 1 year and 1 month since the previous GameJAM, and now it is time for another one. We will publish the theme and details on July 15th. This time the GameJAM will last 1 month and a half.

Looking for new KorGE Core Members

soywiz: I have started a new job recently. That means that I will have less time to invest on KorGE. I will continue working on it but with less time I will focus on specific parts. For now that’s: UI Components, Scene/Animation editor, and partially Bug Fixing with help of other core team members.

So it is time to grow the team and change how sponsoring works.

Starting today we will invest the economic donations we are receiving from several sources to grow KorGE: marketing, gamejams, hardware etc., then after reaching some income in montly donations, we will start deciding how to compensate past and present core members based on their previous and current contributions in a fair way yet to be discussed among the core members.

So: do you want to participate in some of your spare time in a growing OpenSource Game Engine, earn experience, credit, being self-realized for your work on it, having fun and meeting people all over the wold that is passionate about videogames?

Then consider joining our KorGE team or just contribute sporadically!

Open Roles:

Open Projects:

Open Areas:

If you want to join us and you believe you can provide your expertise to cover another area that you believe it is important, feel free to contact us too.

Please, read the full details for joining.

soywiz Author of KorGE.
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