What's happening with KorGE 7th Feb 2024

What's happening with KorGE 7th Feb 2024

What’s happening with KorGE 7th Feb 2024:

Jobe-m (Marko from Germany


) started streaming his video game development journey “Jobe’s Legacy” in twitch and youtube three weeks ago:




Marko steamed opportunistically some Mondays, and he is streaming mainly on Fridays.

Holloszaboakos (Ákos), has been splitting some libraries from the engine itself (korlibs-logger, korlibs-datastructure, korlibs-platform). We are trying to split all the libraries to be used beyond korge and use some other libraries as base when it makes sense but being especially careful to keep at least source-code compatibility between releases.

Adam-arold (Adam) is making some adjustments to his roguelike Hexworks/zircon engine to use KorGE as backend. Benefiting from targets and functionality from KorGE. You can check more about Zircon here:


KorGE was mentioned here, for implementing the wasm target across its libraries:


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