Presenting the long awaited KorGE rebranding: Korgeta Z!

Presenting the long awaited KorGE rebranding: Korgeta Z!

Today we are super excited to tell you about the long awaited rebranding of KorGE! But first of all, we want to congratulate Godot engine for also rebranding its Game Engine the same day as us! What were the odds for that?

New features

It is not just a change of its name. Korgeta Z is going to include awesome new features:

  • 4D support. Because 3D is so 1.0.
  • Support for Quantum Computer targets!
  • New AI that can generate your game assets and code for you with just an specification fo what you want. (Still in BETA.)
  • New audio-based interation with support for automatic updates to new versions: “Okay KorgetaZ, rebuild the game with the new version with the provided specification”
  • The sequel of your game in minutes: “Hey KorgetaZ, build the continuation of my game, with new content and new game mechanics. Check Social Networks to figure out what people want. Don’t bother me in the meantime; I am sunbathing on the beach.”

New pricing model

Those new features come at a cost. But we hope that the new features are just awesome enough to be worth. the new pricing model is a really small price of 8999 USD per week, per developer, artist, manager and player.

If you are eligible, you can continue using it for free. To be eligible your company must be level 9000 or greater. We provide the variables and formula to compute the level of your company.

CompanyLevel = (1 / ((REV / 0.1111)**2 + (Y / 0.0987))) + (DART * 30)**2
  • REV - Gross revenue of your company last year in USD
  • Y - Number of years of your company since constitution
  • DART - Dead And Resurrected Times: Number of times your company has dead and resurrected

Note that the complete migration to the new name and features will be completed approximately the next 1st April 2022.

With ❤️ KorGEtaZ

ziwyos EGroK fo rohtuA.
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