Winners of the 2nd KorGE gamejam & lottery

We are happy to announce the winners of the second KorGE Game JAM! All the videos in the following playlist:

1st (400 € & 1 year JetBrains All product license) - Adventure by IsaacShelton

  • We liked: We all really liked the gameplay, graphics, music and sound effects and in general the experience. A fair amount of levels, several items and even two bosses.
  • Opportunities: We struggled with jumping & parachuting sometimes
  • Author: IsaacShelton
  • Entry:

2nd (200€+50€) - Beachball & Beyond Beachball by Chronogears

  • We liked: A 2 in 1 game. The only game that made use of box2d and ktree. Really nice idea, and cool and nice scenarios with easter eggs and a lot of fun. Funny story matching the theme. The Beyond continuation using a Katamari approach, and actually being able to play the game after that, is super cool and awesome.
  • Opportunities: A zoom out feature to see more of the scenario when the ball goes fast or up would be fantastic, also since the beach ball has a lower weight, and there is no way to control the ball while flying, gravity is sometimes a bit frustrating which required to use the ‘C’-key cheat to beat the game in a reasonable amount of time. Beyond, works too fast on monitors over 60hz and had to reduce the monitor frequency to play it well. In Beyond, would be easier and awesome if the box doesn’t get stuck in borders while moving.
  • Author: Chronogears
  • Entries: &

For the extra effort of making two games, and since both of them were also top in the rating list, we are awarding an extra +50€ to the prize

3rd (100 €) - Defence of the Plot by vbelles

  • We liked: simple but cool game with a nice music and sound effects, it uses really well the theme of the JAM.
  • Opportunities: we felt that the difficult was too high some times. We had to adjust the game parameters to be able to beat the game after at least 20 tries to beat the game normally.
  • Author: vbelles
  • Entry:

Special Prize (100 €) - Equinox by EvilSpaceWizard

This special prize is for the highest rated game that didn’t have one of the three prizes:

  • We liked: the clean and nicest graphics of the JAM and cool music, very original in the usage of the theme.
  • Opportunities: a bit short, a bit more elaborate gameplay would be awesome, adding sound effects would be nice too.
  • Author: EvilSpaceWizard
  • Entry:

Twitter Lottery (50 € Amazon Gift Card)

And the winner is: @ha1otroop2288 congratulations!

Claiming the prizes

Please contact @soywiz or @KorgeGameEngine to claim your prizes! Via twitter, discord or email.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you all for participating!

soywiz Author of KorGE.
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