Wishlair: first KorGE game published on Steam!

Yesterday Wishlair was published on Steam, a retro game simulating the old CGA textmode.


A year ago, your father left in search of the mythical realm of Wishlair. Then one fateful night, you receive word that he has succeeded—and he summons you to join him there. Travel a vivid, nostalgic world rendered with the original IBM PC character set. Confront the dangers of the Old Kingdom and the Underrealm as you search for the elusive entrance to Wishlair. Discover weapons, items, and artifacts to help you on your quest. Vanquish the fearsome creatures that lurk in the shadows. Explore over a hundred rooms, learning the lore of the land, collecting the mystical Wish Shards, and unlocking the secrets of Wishlair.

  • Homage to classic 80s video games
  • Rendered in 16-color CGA textmode
  • Wide world with over 100 rooms to explore
  • Dozens of items to find
  • Collect lore to unlock a special ending
  • Support for QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards
  • Support for most gamepads during gameplay (keyboard and mouse required for some interaction)
soywiz Author of KorGE.
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